What The? in Book 1

These are the What The? features in the first book, Moon.


HAARP works within the same frequency range as predominant brain wave activity.

Check out a film called Angels Don’t Play This Harp for the low-down on this.

Just FYI. There are rumors the one in Gakona, Alaska is shutting down. There are more.





You know when you see a trail come out of a plane and it dissipates real quick? One minute it’s there, the next it isn’t? —That is Not a chemtrail. That is a contrail.

When you see lines criss-crossing the sky spewed out of planes that turn a spray on and off in weird patternings that are hard to discern if you just happen to look up — those ARE chemtrails.

When you keep looking up and notice, hey it’s 15 minutes later and now the lines are becoming wider and wider, mixing with other lines often in other directions. 30 min. later still spreading out and turning into “clouds”? — those ARE chemtrails.

When you see strange spurts coming out of planes squiggling across the sky and its really hard to make out the plane
those ARE chemtrails.

What are chemtrails? That’s what we would all like to know.

Recently how the lines are being laid down has changed but if you pay attention you will see the latest technique. Also at night.

What In The World Are They Spraying?

Why In The World Are They Spraying?


 — Excerpt from The Unzoned Gods by Teri Hitt
© Teri Hitt All Rights Reserved.