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I’m talking to you from another dimension. It’s not far off, just right here, just one step over. What I have to tell you right now is that what is happening is a folding in of the universe and also an expansion. Sometimes people get lost in the folds. But you won’t. It is of […]

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Midwest Book Review

The Unzoned Gods: Moon is the first book in the Unzoned Gods series, and will appeal to sci-fi fans that enjoy ethereal works written in unusual forms—in this case, as a freestyle script (as if for a play). It holds several differences from the typical sci-fi story. For one, main character G’s dialogue is written […]

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I was taken to the Moon

I had a lucid dream I was taken to the Moon years ago. I have had many other dreams since of being on the Moon and “seeing” the goings on there. I wrote this series of books, The Unzoned Gods, about some of my experiences there combined with added insights that are on-going. If you […]

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