Teri Hitt

The Unzoned Gods

The Unzoned Gods is a science fiction book series by Teri Hitt. This series is presented in a semi-script format sprinkled with graphic illustrations and random bits of informational insight.

The entire 1st book takes place the day G arrives on the moon and discovers that dream reality and waking reality are more blended than she previously thought.

There is more happening on the moon than is commonly known.

In NonLinear Reality (Book 2), G and the other participants focused and moved into another level of reality. They acted as one in this other zone of consciousness. It was familiar and yet new. They created a river to block and transform the strange energies from Saturn.

Start to peer into the unseen worlds of parallel realities and inner dimensions in you.

The books contain several other sections that feed into the story creating alternative perspectives.

Transmissions from someone in a parallel universe.
They are awake to uniting with their parallel selves and have connected in on this time-line.

Weird things in our world you might want to check out.

Some ins and outs beyond common understanding.