Teri Hitt

The Unzoned Gods

Do you dare to start to peer into the unseen worlds of parallel realities
and inner dimensions within you?

The Unzoned Gods is a science fiction book series by Teri Hitt. This series is presented in a semi-script format sprinkled with graphic illustrations and random bits of informational insight.

The entire 1st book takes place the day the main character, G, arrives on the moon and discovers that dream reality and waking reality are more blended than she previously imagined. There is more happening on the moon than is commonly known.

BOOK 2— NonLinear Reality
The second day on the Moon, G and the other participants focus and moved into another level of reality. They act as one in this other zone of consciousness. It is familiar and yet new. They create a river to transform the strange energies coming from Saturn that filter through the Moon and impact the consciousness on Earth.

BOOK 3— Outside Time
In the 3rd Book, Outside Time, G discovers more about the essence of her inter-dimensionality and how to navigate reality with a foot in more than one world. Memories start to flood in from other aspects of herself informing her on a deep level. She travels to the far side of the Moon on an old style train with some of the Venus Group passing through an energetic veil. The people that exist there are human but of another breed in a way. There are many beings from other places. More of her journey of discovery is revealed.

There’s a part of you that lives outside time. It’s a non-linear part of you, a bigger essence of you.
Beyond personality.


The books have some additional sections that at first may appear random but
together are woven in to create a bigger story.

Transmissions from someone in a parallel universe.
They are awake to uniting with their parallel selves and have connected in on this time-line.

Weird things in the physical world you might want to check out.

Some ins and outs beyond common understanding.



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