Picking up Interdimensional Radio

11 Transmissions have been picked up so far. We have not been able to determine how we are picking up a radio station from the Moon, but we are. Here is the first one we tuned into…

Here’s the channel if you want to explore: Interdimensional Radio

These are the Episodes available so far —

Be Yourself. Free Yourself. https://youtu.be/oqZwWCfZBtQ
Diffusing the External to Hear the Internal https://youtu.be/iaRmYN-cQSM
Clear The Field and Using Light https://youtu.be/qlgAVSawt0A
Clarifying What’s Yours and What Isn’t https://youtu.be/DEiqM-ra7QM
Healing https://youtu.be/ITJasjLOGVU
Tools For Lucid Dreaming https://youtu.be/l-umYi4-HFc
Recollection https://youtu.be/N5gI1LCLshE
The Next Step https://youtu.be/ecwukvBbs7I
Beyond Personality https://youtu.be/XAPWrXIOtkc
Take Yourself Back https://youtu.be/ooCyWHBngbw
Mass Mind Consciousness https://youtu.be/vZD4Irz7dcw

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