Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder

Glad to see our connection is still happening. It’s been a while. Much to talk about or transmit over.

Well, just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, let me tell you what I perceive is occurring is both ridiculous and amazing and even at times somewhat scary.

It’s as if worlds are blending and sometimes I seem to be having a dual experience. I have an experience a couple different ways simultaneously. I can see into each of the other “versions” if you will for a short time. A couple of my friends are having similar things happen.

I gather things are blending more for you as they are for me. There is a continual bleed through between dimensions.

It’s all good as they say. I saw an old mattress left out for pick up and someone had painted on it “God 2 Bans GMOs April 4.” Then after that I saw graffiti and another sign that said, “learn to play the game” and some weird symbol.

It all leads somewhere. Funny thing is there are so many
different paths. How to learn to “drive?”



From The Unzoned Gods | NonLinear Reality
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