It is tricky to put down in words what is happening

Just know that whatever you see — in your life, on TV, whatever, is a multi-dimensional situation. For example the shows you “happen” to see on TV, those are realities, realities that exist . . . somewhere. Even if only in your head. Attention brings it into a sort of form of existence. Those dreams you have, those exist somewhere too, might just be one dimension over. In fact I think most dreams are.

Don’t worry or put too much attention on how the mechanics of this is happening. Drive your reality by putting your attention on feeling good. We are all a part of some freaky fantastic thing that is driven to some degree by our intention and imagination. What we apply our energy too, what we focus on, reaffirms it. We’ve all heard that before.

— Excerpt from The Unzoned Gods by Teri Hitt
© Teri Hitt All Rights Reserved.