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You will not lose your place, your mind or anything else. You are here for a reason, a very important reason. Which I think you already know. You have been told about it over the years in a few different ways. Maybe you have put it together. It’s hard to tell. The frequencies are jacking up in your dimension and ours. Probably all of them. Things aren’t as they seem, to say the least.

I’m glad you can hear me. Maybe some of this will help the situation for everyone. Our governments are not the made up “parentally minded” entities that we have been led to believe. They like control, they like to keep it and they have pretty much set up a system where most everyone is under “control” while thinking they are free. Your reality, and mine too, has been fabricated. Let’s just say big chunks have been left out of our “program.” Whole frequency ranges blocked.

Over here, in the dimension right next to yours, where I am, things are probably pretty close to what is happening in your world. Or should I say your life. I think you know what I mean. I am transmitting this to whomever can pick this up and it looks like right now it’s you.

— Excerpt from The Unzoned Gods by Teri Hitt
© Teri Hitt All Rights Reserved.