Each of us has to do something different and yet together.

FROM – MOON, The Unzoned Gods (Book 1)
©Teri Hitt All Rights Reserved

The state of the world is up-side down, at least on the surface. Humanity and whomever or whatever else is on this planet is in the beginnings of a new consciousness despite everything. A new way of being is becoming. The process is in the making.

The “people” behind the crappiness of some of the things going on here on Earth are showing their true colors (maybe they can’t help it) and the public is realizing more
about who or what is behind the crazy things going on in the world.

Each of us has to do something different and yet together. If we just let go to robotic tendencies without a heart based, compassionate creative oar in the water, the future
looks kind of bleak. But if we continue to sit in the knowing that we can create something different, we will. We each have our own circles of people we know. Those are the circles that need us to fulfill BEing who we fully are. Don’t look for the machinations of robotic response to be able to mirror back a true reflection of what you are experiencing. That might be too much to expect right now. Carry on and sun shine. Fill the space you are in. Claim your space. You know what I mean.

We’re in a beautiful conscious evolution… coupled with a general feeling of dis-ease. Nice combo. Guess that’s what you get with dualism.

A few weeks ago I dreamed I got a letter requesting my participation in a project on the moon with 11 other people. I decided to go…